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Easy To Make Diy Party Hats for Toddlers

Birthdays are so special for toddlers, especially if it is theirs. For making a birthday party special, there are several components used, such as cake, decoration, food, and last but not least are hats.

Birthday hats are important for the party, allowing you to have a complete theme of the birthday.

We are here suggesting an easy guide on how to make DIY party hats for toddlers instead of purchasing them. If you are curious about how to make DIY hats to make your toddler special day more special, continue the details below.

DIY party hats for toddlers!

When you are celebrating a birthday or any other occasion regarding toddler, then consider homemade party hats for kids so that you can save money and show some creativity as well.

Making crown party hat: toddlers love the characters of their stories, and portraying them as the king would be the best thing you can do for them.

For making this crown hat, you need to follow these simple instructions. You would require decorative scrapbook paper, glue stick, scissors, and 12-inch elastic string.

  • You need to cut small triangles across one side of the paper. Once done, then you can throw away triangles.
  • Now roll the paper first end to the other, and stick ends together with glue.
  • For making crown interesting punch holes in sides of the crown.
  • With elastic strings, tie each hole of the paper and tighten string as much required to make it look perfect like a crown.

So, in this way, you can make party hats for your toddler at home as much as you need. You can make your toddler practice as well but in your supervision along with your assistance.

Making party hats at home for toddlers makes them feel special about how their parents are excited for their special day. Also, you can practice this easy to make the technique of homemade hats that are simple and quick.

DIY party hats

The summary

In the details stated above, we have learned how to make a birthday party hat for kids for fun.

Additionally, these homemade hats are more fun, and you can even teach your toddler how to make one for them.

Engaging toddlers into the practice of craft would make them incline towards it, and they would enjoy doing it. We hope you find this DIY hats idea interesting and worth your time.