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Washing Hair with Conditioner

Conditioners are highly underrated as compared to other treatments. Conditioners are best for fighting frizz and rough textured hair and get silky smooth hair.

However, people are considering the use of conditioner after or before shampooing that assists in better-looking hair.

We are here discussing if conditioner only washing without using shampooing. Many people have been considering for co-washing for a longer time and moisturizing hair without much hassle.

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What is co-washing? How is the conditioner helpful?

Co-washing is the procedure of only using conditioner for washing, condition, and for moisturizing hair. It is better for people to consider for washing hair without shampoo only conditioner and allowing people to have good textured hair.

Conditioners have different chemicals that are gentle on hair and lift up dirt and oil that shampoo normally does.

It would be optimal for people to make use of conditioner more often instead of shampoo that is full of high concentration of harsh chemicals.

It would be optimal for people to wash hair with just a conditioner instead of practicing the shampooing, and you can obtain healthier and moisturized hair easily.

However, if you practice it excessively, then build-up can be encountered. For balancing co-washing using a sulfate-free shampoo would be helpful and co-washing or conditioner washing only procedure can be continued for having healthier hair.


Conditioners are helpful for eradicating frizz from your hair and preventing hair loss and other hair problems as well.

The summary

In summary, we can conclude to the aspect that only conditioner use is beneficial for your scalp and eradicating unnecessary problems of your hair caused due to shampoo.

Additionally, conditioners are gentle on hair and lift up dirt and oil in a better way.